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Zony Mash
All compositions by Wayne Horvitz & Other Room Music ASCAP except Upper Egypt by Pharoah Saunders & Pameo Music BMI.

Produced by:
Wayne Horvitz

Executive Producers:
Chris Chappell and John Comerford

Recorded by Mobile EggPlant
Engineers: Ric Vaughan, Chris Chappell, and Mark Ashmun

Live Sound by:
Mel Detmer, Christian ‘Fudd’ Reise

Mixed by:
Tucker Martine and Wayne Horvitz at Flora Ave. Sound

Mastering by:
Steve Turnige

Legal Representation:
Todd Gascon tgascon@earthlink.net

Special Thanks to: The folks at the Rainbow, Toby Dodds, Brian Dewaide, Dave Egan, Greg Tease and David Dvorin at EMAGIC, Lee Townsend, Todd Gascon, James Kirchmer, Lisa Thhompson, Eryn Young, and all our special guests - Adam Levy, Lesli Dalaba, Laura Veirs, Danny Barnes, and Robin Holcomb. Keith Lowe would like to thank Shriley Lowe, Bass Northwest, Ashdown Engineering, and Bag End. Andy Roth would like to thank his parents for all their support.

Cover Art & by:
Michael Distant/CM Phosters.

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Zony Mash
Live In Seattle

© 2002
  1. meet the zony mash / slide by
  2. bad traffic
  3. in the lounge
  4. let's get mashed
  5. upper egypt
  6. spice rack